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Opaline - Data processing assistant

Oudot & Associés is well-known for its expertise in the fields of real estate and financing to serve institutional customers, investors, counsels and banks.
In tune with the times, Oudot & Associés shares its clients’ culture and approaches.

Thanks to the profiles of its team members, their diverse backgrounds and the complementary nature of their skills, Oudot & Associés is able to provide the expertise required by its clients. The information tools and systems developed by Oudot & Associés and made available to its clients allow for a greater proximity, reactivity and efficiency.

Oudot & Associés focuses on handling each issue it has to deal with on a personalized basis. Each partner is personally involved with the assistance of a dedicated team, built up according to the specific requirements of the case. The cases submitted are followed through to completion and personally taken in charge by a who remains the preferred.