Investment, disinvestment and restructuring

Acting on all types of investment and disinvestment transactions covering real property (whether existing or under construction).
Global assistance to clients, from the tendering procedure (specifications, information memo, electronic data-room) to the conduct of audits and negotiation of contractual agreements (both preliminary and final).

Banking and structured finance

Assistance and advice for structuring, negotiating and implementing financing, refinancing or leasing operations, and for negotiating the related satellite agreements (cash pooling, security documentation…).

Planning and Public commercial law

Assistance in structuring private or public planning transactions, urban planning and in negotiating management contracts and project management assistance contracts.

Industrial Environmental law

Assistance to public bodies and industrial groupings in connection with their real estate projects requiring environmental capabilities (polluted sites, waste law) and in negotiating contractual coverage of environmental risks.

Management and property

Advice to directors and managers in connection with corporate transfers and wealth management. Situational analyses, property consultations and recommendations as to judicial and tax optimization in a given legal framework.