The first holder of the Notary Office, the minutes of which were updated by the National Archives department, started to practice in 1575. Historically, Oudot & Associés works on behalf of French institutional companies, banks and major foreign investors to assist them in their real estate transactions.


A qualified structure which is its clients’ partner

In tune with the times, Oudot & Associés shares its clients’ culture and approaches.

Thanks to the profiles of its team members, their diverse backgrounds and the complementary nature of their skills, Oudot & Associés is able to provide the expertise required by its clients for handling complex cases. The information tools and systems developed by Oudot & Associés and made available to its clients allow for a greater proximity, reactivity and efficiency.


Oudot & Associés, more than authenticity

Availability, reliability, adequacy, expertise and sharing are the values to which Oudot & Associés is committed towards its clients. The relationship of trust between our clients and us relies on a privileged advice and communication. Good listening forms the basis of an informed advice. It is Oudot & Associés’ intent to be
at its clients’ service. Our knowledge of the requirements and our ability to anticipate the issues of all our clients enable us to handle the matters with which we are entrusted in an efficient and straightforward manner.

Oudot & Associés undertakes to maintain high quality standards. The partners get personally involved alongside their clients.


Ethical principles and professional breadth

In an ever-changing economic context, Oudot & Associés is structured with an aim to meet the technical requirements necessitated by the increasing complexity of the cases handled and to fulfill its clients’ legitimate expectations.

Proximity and efficiency

Recognized as a leading Notary’s Office, Oudot & Associés focuses on handling each issue it has to deal with on a personalized basis. Each partner is personally involved with the assistance of a dedicated team, built up according to the specific requirements of the case.

Involvement and availability

Oudot & Associés relies on its associates’ technological and human capabilities. Hired for their expertise and commitment to the Firm’s values, our associates work side by side with the partners.

Pro-active approach

We pride ourselves on ensuring that any issues that might arise in connection with a case are identified and solved at an early stage in order to avoid burdening the cost and timetable of the transaction. We pay a particular attention to our cooperation with our clients’ legal departments and advisors in order to ensure the best coordination and carry out appropriate work.